Success Stories

The best part of owning a SiempreTax+ Office is you actually get to help the community by being a one-stop shop where to offer immigration, DMV, and all other plus services that the Hispanic community really do need. SiempreTax+ has given us a great foundation and there's room for opportunity to grow. It's really exciting to be at the beginning of something that is new and special.

- Tonia Batte
Riverside, CA.

My name is Sam Espinoza from Mission, TX and I own 15 offices between Liberty and SiempreTax+. I'm already planning on opening an additional SiempreTax+ office next year. This season was great and I think next one is going to be even better! I decided to open a SiempreTax+ office because CEO and Founder, John Hewitt, really believed in it and I thought if he believed in it so much, we should follow his lead. I enjoy the most helping the customers; having them feel comfortable and leaving with a smile is a great satisfaction and achievement for us. I would highly encourage anyone to open a SiempreTax+ Office! It is a great opportunity and I would say to them to go ahead and do it, to follow their dreams just like I did. I would highly recommend them to do it.

- Sam Espinoza
Mission, TX.

We decided to open our SiempreTax+ Offices because we know there's 53 million Hispanics out there that we can serve right now and that is pretty large untapped market, if you couple that with the undocumented immigrants in the U.S. and their billion dollar buying power, the choice is pretty clear. The SiempreTax+ Corporate Team has been awesome at answering our questions and taking our suggestions, but more than that, I love the independence of being an owner, I like having something that I can call my own and being part of the small business community I can potentially grow. If you are thinking about getting a SiempreTax+ Office, you should expect challenges but, in the end, the reward is worth it. We have been contributing to the actual identity of the brand, working together with the Corporate Office. Overall, this has been a great experience!

- Green Goes LLC
El Paso, TX.

There is no other company in the world that gives the opportunity, flexibility and satisfaction of creating a family, a sul own six 'Liberty' and two 'Siempre' offices. I decided to open my first SiempreTax+ Office because tehre was a 'mom and pop' in my territory that we acquired, and 'Siempre' was a great fit for it. As of right now, we only offer tax preparations and auto insurances but we plan on expanding our plus services starting next tax season. What I enjoy the most about owning a SiempreTax+ Office is that we can capture the Hispanic market and I would recommend opening a SiempreTax+ to anyone interested in marketing this segment of population.

- Faisal Nawaz
Hartford, CT.

There is no other company in the world that gives the opportunity, flexibility, and satisfaction of creating a family, a successful business and the possibility of making a difference in the community at the same time.

- Belkys Padilla
Ridgeland, MS.

Being part of the first national Hispanic tax preparation service is the fastest way to grow my business. I see my future with SiempreTax+ allowing me into markets that I may have not be able to be in before. I really enjoy capturing the market that we may have been missing as a LibertyTax franchisee and launching the Hispanic brand was a very good part of being the trend-setting and I'd take all for it.It is always good to be part of the first round of getting into something new, you get to reap the benefits in the future.

- David Perez
Brownsville, TX.

We know that the Hispanic community is the fastest-growing community in the United States. Of course we are going to open up more SiempreTax+ Offices in the future. We are looking forward to a very prosprous and really exciting future with SiempreTax. Our customers feel more at ease. They say that they had actually noticed our Liberty Tax store for a couple years but now, with SiempreTax+ and everything changing into Spanish, they feel more comfortable to approach us and being here.

- Cream Tax, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA.

Anyone in a territory with a significant Hispanic population should definitely open a SiempreTax+ Office, embrace the culture, and capture this growing segment of the market. I believe the Hispanic population has been somehow underserved and many people have sprung up that, kind of prey on this group; they do not have a lot of formal education, they don't have a lot of scruples, and I think by going in and offering quality services that we can really help dominate that growing section of the population.

- Jack Williams
Amarillo, TX.